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Report: We exhibited at 7th "JAPAN'S FOOD" EXPORT FAIR at Tokyo Big Sight in Japan.

FUNDODAI, Inc. exhibited at the 7th "JAPAN'S FOOD" EXPORT FAIR held at Tokyo Big Singh from June 21 to 23, 2023. With soy sauce companies from all over Japan, we presented the attractiveness of soy sauce to the world.

We have prepared a number of products for overseas markets, including Clear soy sauce, which has become a hot topic in Japan. Clear soy sauce is also popular overseas and has been used as a secret ingredient in local restaurants.

This time, we exhibited in the West Hall. Early in the morning, people were heading to the booth to prepare for the exhibition. The entrance pass was changed to a reception system that outputs a QR code.

Popular Clear soy sauce series. The size is 100ml bottle, easy to use and very popular!

Clear soy sauce breaks the common sense that soy sauce is black. The lineup includes Yuzu ponzu (vinegar with yuzu), dashi soy sauce (soup stock), and a new product this year, truffle soy sauce. Especially the Yuzu ponzu made with Japanese "yuzu" (citrus fruit) expresses the color and citrus flavor of yuzu juice. The Clear soy sauce base makes the Yuzu ponzu like a fresh and fruity dressing. It was very well accepted.

Clear "mentsuyu" somen noodles for tasting.

On the left is a champagne tower inspired by Clear soy sauce! On the right, we served a tasting of the transparent men-tsuyu noodle soup Everyone was able to take pictures and experience the concept of transparent soy sauce, which focuses on the color of the ingredients.

The number of visitors was 2,370! The event was a great success!

Many buyers visited our booth from the first day. This year, 2,370 people visited over three days. The booth of FUNDODAI at the Japan Federation of Soy Sauce Manufactures Cooperatives was also very crowded!

Thank you very much.

There are seasonings for overseas markets. From left, truffle soy sauce, wasabi oil, and three types of seasonings (for halal). The taste was also highly evaluated.

Media interviews.

Right: Mr. Yamamura, CEO of FUNDODAI. Left: Ms. Miki Toyoshima, a reporter from NHK.

NHK: "News Watch 9" broadcast on June 21

TV Asahi: "News Station" broadcast on June 21

The first day of the exhibition, June 21, was reported by various news outlets. The booth was introduced to companies that are focusing on exports, and FUNDODAI, which was at the Japan Federation of Soy Sauce Manufactures Cooperatives booth, was also interviewed. It was broadcast on the evening news on the same day, the 21st. Thank you very much.

On June 23, the last day of the tour, Mr. Tatsuo Fukuda (right photo) and Mr. Ryosuke Kozuki (left photo), members of the House of Councilors of the Liberal Democratic Party, also visited us. We introduced our products, including transparent soy sauce. Thank you very much for taking the time.

The event ended successfully! Thank you all for coming.

The event was attended mainly by staff from Overseas Division, who responded to buyers and exporters from various countries. We will continue to deliver Japanese soy sauce and seasonings from Kumamoto, Kyushu to the world. We look forward to your continued support.

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