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The yeast that has been passed down since the establishment in 1897 creates the taste of Fundodai.

We continue to make soy sauce from "kiage" soy sauce, which has currently become rare in Japan.  

We provide basic seasonings that support Japanese food culture.



In the old days, the process of making moromi was very harsh. At Fundodai, we maintain the quality created by craftsmen and carefully inherit the functions of microorganisms that are indispensable for making soy sauce.


Making soy sauce koji

Fundodai's soy sauce begins with the production of the highest quality soy sauce koji using state-of-the-art continuous steaming cans and fully automatic koji making equipment.


The taste of the brewery is passed down through the microorganisms.  

Our "Moromi", which is a mixture of the finished soy sauce koji and salt water, is slowly fermented and aged for half a year in a brewery with microorganisms that have been passed down from 1897.  

The process of making moromi in the brewery is extremely harsh, so it is gradually disappearing, but we will not compromise the moromi process and continue to maintain the quality created by the craftsmen 150 years ago.  


An essential ingredient in fermentation that has been preserved since the company's founding
Microorganisms live in the Moromigura.


"Kiage" soy sauce, which has become less common in Japan

き あ

Based on rich raw soy sauce squeezed from fully aged moromi, we make full use of our unique blending technology to complete traditional soy sauce that can only be made with Fundodai.




Creating products that incorporate the latest technology

Fundodai's soy sauce inherits the ancient technology, but incorporates the latest technology to make soy sauce that meets changes in customer tastes.


Miso that is indispensable for the local taste and Japanese food culture.
In Kyushu Kumamoto, the taste unique to Kyushu is the combination of rice and wheat miso.
As with making soy sauce, we make miso that suits the tastes of Kyushu and Kumamoto.




Production equipment will continiue to be modernized yet the growth of koji bacteria cannot rely on machines. At Fundodai, we have inherited the experience of skilled engineers for generations and pursue the quality of miso products.


From the most important process of miso making, koji making

The most important process in the production of miso is making koji.
After carefully selected raw materials (rice, barley) are steamed in a continuous steaming can, the koji bacteria is places in a koji room adjusted to the optimum temperature and humidity.


Exquisite control that uses the five senses without relying on machines

Rather than relying entirely on machines for making koji, skilled workers sharpen their experience and five senses and perform exquisite control to produce the highest quality miso koji.


The finished miso koji is further cultivated by our original two-stage koji manufacturing method, and by brewing with a high koji ratio, a sweet type miso that matches the taste of Kyushu is completed.


Amazake Koji

"Amazake Koji", a two-stage koji manufacturing method unique to Fundodai

In the process of making miso, once the koji is made, the method of making amazake is applied, and then amazake koji is added to enhance the power of the koji. We named the koji made by the two-stage koji manufacturing method "Amazake Koji" and succeeded in maximizing the sweetness of the koji even without additives.


Dressing, sauce, sauce

Needs for processed seasonings such as dressings and sauces are increasing year by year.
Enjoy the taste of Kyushu with the producers of Kumamoto
We are launching products that actively incorporate Kumamoto raw materials into the market.


We pursue not only cost but also delicious taste in our dressings and processed seasonings for sauces that make cooking easy and delicious.  


Convenient and easy,

A new seasoning that meets the needs of the times.

We carefully manufacture authentic professional flavors in a hygienic work environment so that you can easily use them at home. We also support the manufacture of new multifunctional products that meet the changing needs of consumers. The seasonings prepared in the compounding kettle are filled one after another on a filling line designed with the highest priority on safety and security.


Fundodai dressing


The taste of Fundodai seasoning was highly evaluated.


Caesar Olive Leaf Dressing Grand Prix Winner 2019

Received the Grand Prix Gold Award at the "Dressing Grand Prix in Kyushu" held in October 2019. It is a flagship product of Fundodai, which was evaluated as the most delicious dressing by about 19,000 visitors.


Kumamoto Black Mar Oil Karaage Sauce Semi-Grand Prix Winner 2018
Amakusa salt fried chicken sauce lemon flavor Grand Prix award 2019

The fried chicken menu is also very popular in Kumamoto Prefecture! The "Kumamoto Karaage Championship" is held every year, and we have participated for the second consecutive year! Won the semi-grand prix in 2018 and the grand prix in 2019! The award-winning "sauce" was commercialized in 2019. [Commercial products]





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