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In March 2019, we celebrated the 150th anniversary of the start of soy sauce production.
It has been 150 years since we shifted our bussines from a  money changer and sake brewer (red sake) which we had operated since the end of the Sengoku Period,  to the soy sauce business in 1869 (Meiji 2).

We aim to
1. Contribute to society and the community through food
2. Always strive to provide rich taste as a "food culture  company" of the times

We have been developing and manufacturing soy sauce, miso and other seasonings and have been conducting business by seeking sales channels not only in Kumamoto prefecture and Kyushu region but also overseas.
Food culture has changed with the times, but as a company, we have preserved history and tradition through the many changes.
As a seasoning maker that continues to protect the "taste" rooted in the region, we would like to continue to be a company that develops that "taste" as a "local food culture" and shares it outside Kumamoto Prefecture and even overseas.
We look forward to your continued support as a company that will continue to grow together with you.


Fundodai Co., Ltd. President and CEO Osamu Yamamura

Company Profile

​社名  株式会社フンドーダイ

創業  1869年 明治2年


設立  2012年11月21日

資本金 1億円


代表取締役社長 山村脩










TEL.03-6452-9569         FAX.03-6452-9579



福岡県大野城市仲畑1-7-33サニープレイスⅡ 101号

TEL.092-574-3554         FAX.092-574-3558




TEL.0965-32-3930    FAX.0965-32-8591




TEL.096-245-5222           FAX.096-245-5553

<東京浅草アンテナショップ 出町久屋>




従業員  120名



History / History

At the beginning of the 17th century before the construction of Kumamoto Castle, the Okubo family was already running a money changer and sake brewery.

In 1869 the 11th generation Okubo converted the business from the brewing industry to the soy sauce brewing industry and expanded the business not only within Kumamoto Prefecture but to Kansai and also overseas.

Along with the postwar reconstruction, we revived the business and developed seasonings other than soy sauce and miso and expanded our sales channels to overseas. 

With 150 years of continuous efforts with support from the local people and adapting to the changing times, we will continue to be a food processing company that brings out the charm of Kumamoto's climate and culture.

Looking ahead to the next generation, there are things that will not change as time goes by.

Fundodai aspires to continue to be a company that expands the circle of joy in everyone through food.

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