Here are some tips on how to use transparent soy sauce for cooking.

Not black! The merit is transparent soy sauce. As a new generation of Japanese seasonings, it can be combined with various dishes and other seasonings. Please make use of the transparent soy sauce that expands the range of dishes.







Transparent soy sauce made by a long-established soy sauce maker,

Transparent soy sauce was born based on the dark soy sauce of this brew.

We make dark soy sauce from the raw materials and make it transparent in the process of making it transparent. Because it is a soy sauce made by a long-established soy sauce maker, it is not made with something like soy sauce extract, but we are firmly committed to making soy sauce. Transparent soy sauce tastes like soy sauce, but because it is transparent, it makes you feel a little strange. Therefore, I will introduce the tips for applying the mysterious seasoning "transparent soy sauce" to cooking.

Without emphasizing the feeling of soy sauce in everyday cooking




The way to use transparent soy sauce is the "salty and umami" of soy sauce. It is a seasoning that not only makes the dish cherish the color of the ingredients because it is not black, but also adds umami in addition to the salty taste that determines the taste of the dish. The new seasoning, which finishes deliciously without emphasizing the feeling of soy sauce, can be applied not only to Japanese food but also to various cooking genres such as Western food and Chinese food.

When you want to decide the taste

Not only salty but also umami

Transparent soy sauce to add to your cooking.

Sprinkle clear soy sauce instead of salt! point

Even when the taste is a little undecided, transparent soy sauce is perfect with salty and soy sauce flavors! It is also highly recommended for stir-fried foods and meat dishes that are just baked quickly. The appeal of transparent soy sauce is that it takes a little time to determine the taste.

Clear soy sauce, different from salt only

It's not just spicy, just sprinkle it to improve the taste!

How about adjusting the taste of stir-fried foods? You can use it instead of salt, or use it for the final taste adjustment, and add flavor to your liking. As it is transparent, it adds saltiness while suppressing the feeling of soy sauce.

Perfect for meat dishes. Also for steak sauce, chicken sauce, grilled chicken, and fish dishes. The transparent soy sauce has a nice texture and is perfect for seasoning.

Transparent soy sauce that is perfect for pickling. Because it is transparent, the taste is adjusted with saltiness and umami. Even when you don't have time, you can add vegetables to make it lightly pickled.

Introducing a new companion of transparent soy sauce

Transparent soy sauce has been upgraded!

Dashi of dried bonito and kelp is a plus

There are many possibilities for transparent soy sauce that is not black!

The state of the Fundodai Development Office, on the right is Fumiko Hayada, the developer of transparent soy sauce.

When I was thinking about making something that would please everyone as a commemorative product for the 150th anniversary of our founding, "If it is not black soy sauce, it will not stain your clothes and you will have small children. It was because I thought, "My parents are safe." By making it transparent, I thought that it could be used for various genres beyond the boundaries of Japanese cuisine, and could be used for various dishes. We would like to introduce transparent soy sauce to many people as a new generation seasoning that can be delivered to the world.

Transparent Soy Sauce Developer Product Development Office Fumiko Hayada

It's not very black, so the stains aren't noticeable, and it's okay if the soy sauce splashes! Transparent soy sauce is effective when you don't want to get dirty in the dining scene (lunch box, etc.) when you go out with small children or fashionable clothes. This seasoning is also recommended for those who are involved in fashion.

Ah! All right ~!

Make the taste of soy sauce into a dish without adding color.

A perfect seasoning for creative dishes.

A seasoning that allows you to make good use of the salty taste and the umami of soy sauce in cooking without emphasizing the feeling of soy sauce. Instead of simply replacing the current soy sauce with transparent soy sauce, please try the fun of transparent soy sauce in various dishes.

After all, carpaccio!

Slice seasonal seafood into a size that is easy to eat, and serve it on a plate with vegetables as an accent. How about a menu that finishes the sauce for carpaccio with transparent soy sauce? There are various combinations such as adding dashi and mirin to transparent soy sauce and adding lemon juice. Recommended for party menus.

Carpaccio sauce is like sashimi,

It's very GOOD when a little soy sauce is added!

3 recommended items

After all, salad!

You can cut seasonal vegetables and combine the transparent soy sauce with olive oil, vinegar, lemon, etc., or you can just sprinkle the yuzu dance pon vinegar made with the transparent soy sauce. A transparent soy sauce that is useful in salad menus.

Clear soy sauce is vinegar, vinegar,

Excellent compatibility with olive oil and lemon!

2 recommended items

Brilliantly pickled tuna!

Since the transparent soy sauce also contains brewed vinegar, the pickles do not turn black and the finish is very vivid. Add mirin and sake, remove the alcohol in the microwave, soak in tuna with clear soy sauce, and keep it in the refrigerator in 20 to 30 minutes. Also, if you use transparent soy sauce, the taste will be even better.

Japanese food, olive oil if pickled

When you put it on, it becomes Italian.

2 recommended items

For vegetable soup and egg soup!

The soup stock made from stewed vegetables and the clear soy sauce alone will give you a perfect taste. When you make a regular soup, the taste is a little undecided, but if you use transparent soy sauce, the taste is decided by the salty taste and the umami of the soy sauce. Especially, it is made with transparent soy sauce, but it is easy and easy to add the flavor of dried bonito and kelp.

A soup that brings out the saltiness and umami of transparent soy sauce.

Ingredients and transparent soy sauce, even without a special soup stock seasoning

It will be finished with.

2 recommended items

Olive oil, wine vinegar, pepper, etc.

Transparent soy sauce that is easy to combine with other seasonings.

Sesame oil, grain vinegar, olive oil, wine vinegar, lemon

Clear soy sauce goes great with other seasonings. You can make new discoveries by combining it with olive oil, vinegar, and sesame oil, regardless of the Japanese seasoning . Please try transparent soy sauce plus seasoning.

Stir-fried pork and cabbage

Season the vegetables and meat in the microwave or boiled with clear soy sauce. And if you add "sesame oil" and "pepper", you can enjoy it even more deliciously. Clear soy sauce plus seasonings and spices are a great match for simple dishes. If you sprinkle olive reel instead of sesame oil, it will change to Western style.

Sesame oil and pepper combined with clear soy sauce go great together. How many combinations with other seasonings! Please try various things with simple boiled vegetables.


Transparent soy sauce for daily side dish dishes

Using transparent soy sauce to make daily side dishes

Chicken tatsuta flavored tomato sauce


透明醤油 大さじ2   

鶏むね肉 大1枚   300g

ゆで卵 1個分   

ごま油 大さじ2   

ベビーリーフ 適量   

片栗粉 適量   

【A】みりん 大さじ2   

【A】酒 大さじ2   

【B】長ねぎ 1/4本分   

【B】ミニトマト 6個   

【B】しょうが(すりおろし) 小さじ1/2  

【B】片栗粉、粗挽き黒こしょう 各少々   






Transparent soy sauce is literally transparent, so if you use it as a "savory", the dish itself will be beautifully finished, and even if you use it as a "sauce", the color of the ingredients will be enhanced, so you can use it in various ways, so feel free to use it.

Steamed swordfish and onions with lemon
















● A hot salad that can be easily made in the microwave. The scent of transparent soy sauce and lemon is an appetizing dish, and the colors of the ingredients, including swordfish, are beautifully finished.

● You can enjoy it deliciously even if you substitute salmon, scallops, shrimp, etc. You can also enjoy arranging vegetables while being conscious of the colors such as broccoli and paprika.

Yuzu juice from Kumamoto prefecture

Yuzu peel is also domestically produced!

It's as if Yuzu is dancing.

We aimed to create a seasoning that would make the dining table more enjoyable.

Since ponzu is made from soy sauce, it is a black seasoning, but by using transparent soy sauce as a raw material, the ponzu has a beautiful yuzu color.

The peel of Yuzu does not settle, as if it were dancing.

Classic, first in a pot!

In a tomato pot

In a soy milk pot

For pork and seasonal vegetable pot

Autumn to winter and the season when hot pots are delicious. First of all, the ponzu vinegar that dances with yuzu, which is fun with the bright colors of yuzu, is a hot pot dish! Perfect for tomato pots and soy milk.

Ponzu is a classic all-purpose seasoning that allows you to enjoy refreshing dishes.

Yuzu dance ponzu made with transparent soy sauce

The yuzu sensation is solid and the appearance is vivid!

For party menu auble!

If you use Yuzu Maiponzu made with transparent soy sauce for the party's hors d'oeuvre menu, you can produce dishes with the same color of the ingredients.




Add the sourness of yuzu and the umami of soy sauce to your dishes!

Yuzu dance ponzu made with transparent soy sauce that can also be used as a seasoning for side dishes. Mix with chopped onions and use as a sauce. For marinade, mix olive oil and pepper together to make a marinade sauce. You can also use it for meat dishes.




A chef who is a cooking professional,

Transparent soy sauce that attracts attention from chefs.

In addition to the fact that non-black soy sauce does not stain clothes easily, it also has the advantage of being able to control the color of dishes. One service is that clothes are less likely to get dirty by splashing. And the most attractive point is that it can be applied not only to Japanese food but also to various dishes. Especially in Western food, if you use it as a secret ingredient, you can have a wide range of tastes and it is perfect for creative menus.

Add wasabi to clear soy sauce for a full-fledged wasabi sauce. Since it is based on non-black soy sauce, it is a sauce that customers can enjoy by producing wasabi. Recommended for meat dishes such as steak dishes.

Authentic wasabi sauce with transparent soy sauce

Transparent soy sauce that suppresses color and helps to create menus


For side dish


For ramen noodle dishes


For creative dishes