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Food Culture Ambassador of kumamoto

In the second year of Reiwa, we named it "the first year of a food culture transmission company".

In collaboration with Kumamoto producers, manufacturers, and other companies in the same industry,

We will work as one of the pillars of our business to develop the region through food.

Food culture transmission business


Two pillars


2nd year of Reiwa, 1st year of food culture transmission Kumamoto prefecture foods nationwide and overseas in collaboration with the region.

In the regional revitalization business negotiation room, we will introduce gems from Kumamoto prefecture.

We have established a regional revitalization section and sell not only our own products but also foods produced in Kumamoto prefecture. Recently, the charm of local food has been rediscovered, and the ingredients are also attracting attention. We will focus on the business of introducing a number of wonderful foods that Kumamoto has loved for a long time.


In the regional revitalization business negotiation room, recommended products from the prefecture are displayed. Business negotiations with people outside the company are not limited to our own products, but we will explore the possibilities of Kumamoto and engage in various activities such as planning, development, and events.


We have launched the "Food Tamatebako / Kumamoto Premium" brand and are conducting sales activities by selecting recommended products from Kumamoto Prefecture on the EC (mail order) channel.

Start in May 2020! Introducing "Kumamoto Premium".

The "Kumamoto Premium" brand product lineup is currently available for purchase at EC.

Actively develop Kumamoto products through the overseas division



ヨーグルトのお酒 三種300.png



Fundodai is actively developing overseas sales channels in Europe, the United States, Australia, etc., in addition to China, where it has a sales subsidiary. Introducing not only our own products but also products from Kumamoto prefecture and Kyushu.


Product manufacturing consulting and assistance

Consultation on commercialization using raw materials from Kumamoto Prefecture

Fundodai responds to various local requests such as "I want to develop new products using raw materials produced in Kumamoto Prefecture" and "I want to consult because there are few staff". We will support product development and sales for those who are looking for products that take advantage of the locality of Kyushu and products that can be differentiated.


New encounters and new discoveries!

We will think together!

Photos meeting Image


With Fundodai manufacturing department and affiliated companies

Collaboration product creation and sales

Collaboration product development that can take advantage of synergistic effects

Collaborate not only with in-house manufacturing but also with local manufacturing companies!

At Fundodai, we will create products that utilize each other's resources, create products with partner companies, and also carry out sales activities. By combining the know-how of fundodai soy sauce, miso, seasoning making, and the know-how of partner companies, we will disseminate the taste of Kumamoto nationwide. Since we also utilize the fundodai sales network, we can also carry out sales activities to mass retailers, specialty stores, and department stores. Looking for collaboration companies! Please feel free to contact us.

collaboration with



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