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As a company involved in food, we carry out thorough quality control to ensure "safety and security".

In order to deliver "safe and secure" products to all customers, we strive to create products that make use of the rich flavors and aromas produced from carefully selected raw materials while preserving the traditional taste and quality.

HACCP management method and ISO9001 certification

Food Safety System Certification 22000

We have acquired the international standard "ISO9001" certification for quality control and quality assurance, which is an international standard for quality management systems, and we are building a system that continuously improves product quality. In addition, we will promote the development and expansion of quality and hygiene management systems, such as adopting HACCP management methods, to deliver high-quality, safe and secure products to our customers.


登録番号: FSSC 22000 – 00037528

Manufacture of soy sauce and soy sauce products (PET bottles, PE squeeze bottles, BIBs, bottles, 1000L containers)
Manufacturing of liquid seasonings and dressings (PET bottles, BIBs, jars, pouches)

We obtained certification at (November 16, 2023).


In order to provide safe products to our customers, we thoroughly comply with basic rules such as good manufacturing practices, proper work standards, and HACCP, and comply with laws and regulations and food safety requirements of our customers. Putting conformity first, we fulfill our natural responsibilities as a food manufacturing industry.


We will continue to pursue measures to ensure the safety of all people involved in the manufacture and sale of our products, and will also focus on the safety of employees and participants.


We set goals for food safety and quality culture, and always work with a problem-solving mindset.


Ensuring communication within the company, with customers, suppliers and regulators.


We regularly review our quality management system and continuously improve it.


We create plans to reduce losses and waste, and improve cost performance to create competitive products.

In addition, we will ensure that this policy is thoroughly communicated to all our employees.



代表取締役社長 山村脩

Three points of quality control



Quality control POINT ➊

About traceability of raw materials

We are working with our suppliers to trace the raw materials of the products we manufacture and sell.

About genetically modified soybeans

We use only soybeans that have been traced (IP handling) from the producer to our company.

About allergen management

Allergens can be life-threatening in some cases. We carry out classification management of allergens to prevent contamination.

About the use of food additives

We use only food additives that are approved for use in the country based on the Food Sanitation Law. We also have a system in place to meet the standards of each country.



Quality control POINT ❷

Principal component analysis

In each process from receiving raw materials to shipping, we use various analytical instruments to check for deviations from the set standards. In addition, soy sauce is a JAS A-certified factory, and we regularly check the accuracy of analysis and maintain analytical equipment.

sensory test

We carry out sensory tests by qualified personnel (JAS certified sensory inspectors, first-class technicians for miso manufacturing) to inspect the aroma and taste of differences that cannot be understood only by component analysis.



Quality control POINT ❸

Microbial inspection of products

Some microorganisms are useful to humans, while others spoil food and impair human health. Based on our many years of microbial control technology, we deliver safe products to our customers by firmly controlling the microorganisms in food.

Microbial inspection in the manufacturing process

We regularly carry out wiping inspections of the production line to confirm that cleaning is being carried out properly.


Strict quality control keeps the deliciousness unchanged.

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