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We at Fundodai use soy sauce and miso, which are indispensable for Japanese food.

We deliver Japanese "food culture" to people all over the world.


Fundodai has a long history of expanding overseas, and had a soy sauce and miso manufacturing base in Thailand before World War II.

After the war, we were operating mainly in Kumamoto prefecture, but due to our strong belief that "Japanese safe, secure and high-quality foods are sure to be accepted in the world," China has a high geographical affinity and is growing rapidly. Has advanced to. In 1995, we entered Dalian and in 2007, we entered Shanghai and established a sales subsidiary, "Best Foods Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd."

We are also focusing on overseas sales expansion of Kumamoto prefecture products, and in 2019, we were entrusted with the "Kumamoto prefecture overseas product brush-up business in the first year of Reiwa" from Kumamoto prefecture, and developed overseas sales channels and product development for companies in Kumamoto prefecture. Assisted.

Actively participate in overseas exhibitions and business meetings

In recent years, we have expanded our sales channels not only to China but also to countries and regions around the world such as the United States and Europe.

China International Import Expo (CIIE2019): Shanghai
Anuga --World Food Messe 2019: Germany
Export EXPO 2019: Tokyo
Actively develop overseas products

Beyond religious precepts, "alcohol-free soy sauce"

"Alcohol-free soy sauce" realized by our patented technology has created an opportunity for many people to experience the wonderfulness of Japanese food beyond the rules of religion. We are developing it as soy sauce limited to overseas.


"Transparent soy sauce" that is also popular in overseas markets

"Transparent soy sauce," which overturns the stereotype that "soy sauce is black," is also a gluten-free food due to its unique manufacturing method. It can also be enjoyed by people who have not been able to enjoy soy sauce or Japanese food because it is a food that contains gluten. Transparent soy sauce is supported overseas in genres other than Japanese food, such as being adopted in restaurants (French cuisine) highly evaluated by the 2019 Michelin Guide.


Overseas limited soy sauce and seasonings designed using the Kumamoto PR character "Kumamon"

Kumamoto Prefecture's PR character "Kumamon" is also very popular in China. We sell soy sauce and seasonings designed with the label "Kumamon", which is not sold in Japan, to appeal that it is a soy sauce produced in Kumamoto prefecture. A small bottle type that allows you to easily enjoy Japanese food such as sashimi soy sauce, white soup stock, sukiyaki sauce, ponzu sauce, and soup stock.


Overseas limited edition soy sauce of brewed sashimi soy sauce
​ "SUSHI SOY SAUCE" will be released

Japanese food attracting attention from all over the world. Among them, sushi is a popular menu that is a staple in the world . Special soy sauce is recommended to enjoy fresh fish such as sashimi and sushi. sweetener. We will deliver special soy sauce that does not use preservatives. (Scheduled to be released)



公益財団法人 食品等流通合理化促進機構の主催による2021輸出に取り組む優良事業者にフンドーダイが表彰されました。

Best Foods Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Headquarters: Shanghai Xuanhua Road No. 28 Business Association Room 1206
Dalian Office: No. 20, Ganjingzi District, Ganjingzi District, Dalian, Liaoning Province 3 No. 1 layer 1

Established "Best Foods Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd." in Shanghai, China in 2007.

Currently, we are developing sales activities in the Chinese market based in Shanghai and Dalian.

As a bridge between Japanese food culture and everyone in the world

Fundodai is proud of everyone in the world

We will continue to provide Japanese "food culture".

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