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Dietary education

What Fundodai can do for the future

Fundodai continues to make basic Japanese seasonings, which decide the taste, which are indispensable for daily Japanese meals. “Soy sauce / miso”, which is the basis of local food culture, is a Japanese tradition and the basis of Japanese food.
Due to diversifcation of dietary habits, we consider communication of the importance of food as an important role for the company, and we will continue to work on it.

Japanese food culture on-site class
As a "Doctor Know-All of Soy Sauce" appointed by the Japan Soy Sauce Association, we conduct a delivery class on Japanese food culture to local elementary schoola in Kumamoto. This class teaches children how to make soy sauce, which is a representation of traditional Japan food culture to children who will be responsible for the future food culture.
Miso making experience at our market event
We hold miso making events at our own market event for local families. Traditional Japanese miso is fermented food! Nowadays, making miso at home is almost gone, but you can experience the wonderfulness of Japanese food through the experience of making miso.



Local contribution activities

Local community activities through our market event
Fundodai holds "Fundodai Umakamon Marche" on the 4th Sunday of every month. The market event is held on the premises of our own factory and paritipants can not only buy our products but can also buy products from local producers and manufacturers who also participate. It is a popular event that many local people come to.

Spnsoring of soft vollyebal tournament "Fundodai Cup), co-sponsored with a local radio station

The soft volleyball "Fundo Dai Cup" is held every November in collaboration with a local radio station in Kumamoto. More than 100 teams gather and enjoy soft vollye ball in a friendly atmosphere. Fundodai's volley ball club also participate.  

As an official sponsor, we support the professional basketball team "Kumamoto Volters".

Since 2018, Fundodai has been supporting "Kumamoto Volters", a professional basketball team belonging to the B2 League based in Kumamoto Prefecture, as an official sponsor.


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