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The taste of Kyushu is sweet soy sauce!

The local taste is in soy sauce! It is no exaggeration to say that each region has its own taste of soy sauce. There are five types of soy sauce: dark soy sauce, light soy sauce, white soy sauce, re-prepared soy sauce, and tamari soy sauce. Among them, 80% is said to be dark soy sauce nationwide. Kyushu soy sauce is a traditional soy sauce with a traditional taste that has been handed down from ancient times as a mixed soy sauce that adds sweetness and umami to this dark soy sauce.

Enjoy using different soy sauce!

Hokkaido and Kyushu are the treasure trove of ingredients! There are also many izakaya and restaurants with the signboard of Kyushu. "Kyushu Fair" is frequently planned in department stores and supermarkets. How about adding the sweet soy sauce of Kyushu soy sauce to your table in addition to your usual soy sauce? The range of seasoning has expanded, and it is a taste that both small children and foreigners will be pleased with the addition of "sweetness".

"Sweetness and umami" in dark soy sauce

The added soy sauce is sweet soy sauce

Why don't you add sweet soy sauce to your usual dining table?

The charm of sweet soy sauce rooted in the local area of Kyushu


Why Kyushu soy sauce is sweet

➊ Sugar was the first to be imported in the Edo period

❷ Sweetness suits the hot climate of Kyushu

❸ Sweet and spicy taste that goes well with shochu


◆ Sugar from the Netherlands to Nagasaki, Japan ◆


It is said that sugar was brought from the Netherlands to Nagasaki during the Edo period, when the country was isolated, and sugar culture took root throughout Kyushu. Sugarcane cultivation has become popular, and sugar has also been produced.

◆ Sweet and spicy taste that suits the hot climate of Kyushu ◆


The temperature in tropical Kyushu is high, and when fishermen went fishing, they mixed soy sauce with sugar and used it as a seasoning for fishermen's rice. In the high temperature, sweet soy sauce was convenient to add sugar to soy sauce to remove salt and sugar.

◆ Sweet and spicy taste that goes well with shochu, sake side dish ◆


Speaking of Kyushu's specialty sake, "Shochu". The spicy taste goes well with the sake side dish of sake, but the sweet and spicy seasoning goes perfectly with shochu. In Kyushu, the home of shochu, the sweet and spicy taste of food is thought to have created a food culture.

Fundodai sweet soy sauce manufacturing process


Fundodai is a soy sauce maker that makes fried soy sauce, which is decreasing year by year, and makes soy sauce based on it. The 150-year history of its founding is the history of microorganisms such as yeast, which are necessary for the fermentation of soy sauce, to continue to create the unique taste of the brewery. Kyushu's proud sweet soy sauce is made by adding sweetness and umami after making fried soy sauce, and the sweet soy sauce of Fundodai is completed.

The taste of usual dishes changes a little with sweet soy sauce!

Kyushu soy sauce is attractive because it has sweetness and umami, so you can enjoy it with the same soy sauce.



Katsuobushi rice

The best match between sweet soy sauce and dried bonito flakes!


For meat dishes

We recommend cows, chickens and pigs!

Sweet soy sauce sauce


Cold tofu!

The sweetness of soybeans stands out

A combination of sweet soy sauce!


For fish dishes

Perfect for grilled fish!

Not to mention sashimi

For grilled fish and boiled fish!



Soy sauce that is not only sweet but also delicious

OK without other seasonings


For seasoning mochi!

The sweet soy sauce flavor of the baked mochi

It's a great combination!


Fundodai is now

I want to recommend

3 kinds of sweet soy sauce



・特醸甘口醤油 平成と甘露

Fundodai's long-selling soy sauce

Kumamoto's most beloved soy sauce "Kyushu Kachi"

"Sweetness and umami" soy sauce


The sweet soy sauce "Kakuchi", which has been loved in Kumamoto for a long time, has been renewed as a sealed bottle as a new product in the fall and winter of 2020. The character of "Kumamon" has appeared as a representative soy sauce of Kumamoto. With specifications of 200 ml and 450 ml, Kyushu Kumamoto's recommended soy sauce is delicious with 4 types of characters and makes the dining table fun.

Fundodai's rich sweet soy sauce



とろりと甘い九州しょうゆ (1)200.jpg

Kumamoto traditional sake

Use "red sake"


Speaking of Kumamoto's specialty, "horse sashimi" is famous. Characterized by its rich sweetness, it is thick and perfect for sashimi and omelet rice. In addition, using Kumamoto's traditional sake "Akashu", the meat and fish are boiled plumply, and it has the effect of giving a good shine.

Fundodai's finest sweet soy sauce

We are particular about raw materials and made it.






"Heisei" and "Amatsuyu" soy sauce was made to commemorate the 150th anniversary of its founding. Tokujo sweet soy sauce, which has a special rank, is made entirely from domestic ingredients. The sweetness is made with soybeans and wheat from Kyushu, and Wasanbon sugar used by Japanese sweets craftsmen. And it is a soy sauce that is particular about raw materials such as using Kumamoto's traditional red sake. The label is a modern brush-up of the 100-year-old honeydew label. It is also popular as a gift and novelty as the highest quality soy sauce of Fundodai.


Fundodai soy sauce is available in a wide variety of sizes and types

You can choose the soy sauce that suits your home.


If you are looking for Kyushu soy sauce, Fundodai soy sauce.

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