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​Make sashimi and sushi even more delicious with special soy sauce.



Fermentation and aging

Rich umami and richness

Traditional technique






Salty soy sauce for sushi that brings out the flavor of raw fish

Developed special soy sauce for Japanese sashimi and sushi

The standard Japanese dishes, "sashimi" and "sushi". A traditional Japanese dish that serves fresh fish raw. "SUSHI SOY SAUCE" is a soy sauce developed to make the delicate and light fresh fish even more delicious. Dedicated soy sauce is the best soy sauce that brings out the umami and deliciousness of raw fish. "Sushi soy sauce" is a sushi-only soy sauce that has a rich flavor and richness that makes use of the tradition and skill of fermentation and aging by microorganisms such as yeast with a brewery for 150 years in Fundodai.

Founded 150 years ago, Moromizo has microorganisms that are indispensable for fermentation.


It inherits its own yeast.


Fundodai's "Moromi warehouse" is a warehouse facility that can handle mass production and stable production, unlike traditional wooden tubs. Microorganisms such as yeast and lactic acid bacteria that are indispensable for fermentation live in the brewery. Continuing to protect the microorganisms necessary for fermentation that has continued since the company was founded, the Fermentation Technology Research Institute conducts daily research on the bacteria of "Moromizo" and pursues the unique taste of Fundodai.



Making soy sauce with traditional and modern equipment.

Fermentation and aging depend on the environment such as temperature and humidity. We carry out a soy sauce manufacturing process with modern equipment for stable production, which is difficult with wooden tubs. Instead of the process of adding fermenting bacteria used in mass production, we are making modern soy sauce while making the most of the traditional "moromi brewery".




​It has the natural taste of soy sauce.

Sashimi and sushi-only soy sauce made by adding sugar and mirin to raw fried soy sauce. No sweets or preservatives are used, and the taste is adjusted so that you can enjoy the fresh fresh fish.




Japanese Agricultural Standard, super special and special grade sushi soy sauce


Japanese Agricultural Standard, super-specialized top-class soy sauce

A certification mark made at a JAS certified factory that meets the standards of the Japanese Agricultural Standards and given only to soy sauce that conforms to the JAS standards. Japanese soy sauce has 3 grades of special grade, advanced grade and standard grade, and super special grade and special quality standard. "Sushi soy sauce" is a top-class super-special and special-grade soy sauce in the rank of soy sauce.

Enjoy delicious Japanese food and try sushi-specific soy sauce.


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