"Transparent soy sauce" was developed in February 2019 as a commemorative product for the 150th anniversary of its founding.

Professional chefs are also interested in it, regardless of whether it is Japanese or Western.

It is applied to various dishes.





Overturned the common sense that soy sauce is black, and succeeded in making it transparent. Launched in February 2019 as a commemorative product for the 150th anniversary of its founding, it is now a hit product with over 400,000 units. Not only does the table not get dirty easily because it is not black, but it also has the advantage that the color of the ingredients is important when the dish is finished. "Transparent soy sauce" is a Cenozoic seasoning that can be applied not only to Japanese food but also to the hidden taste of Western food because it is transparent, and can utilize the salty taste and umami in cooking.

The secret of the deliciousness of transparent soy sauce

Because it is a long-established soy sauce maker! Ingredients are solid!

The raw material for transparent soy sauce is made from this brewed dark soy sauce.

To make Fundodai soy sauce, we make soy sauce from raw fried soy sauce.

"Transparent soy sauce" is made from this brewed dark soy sauce.

Transparent soy sauce featured in many media!

Each award was also awarded and received high praise.











Received each award thanks to you

Transparent soy sauce has won many awards since its launch in February 2019. Received the "Omotenashi Collection 2019" prize as a souvenir that Japan is proud of, and the Innovative Award at the "Japan's Treasure Grand Prix", which selects excellent local gems. Winner of "Cooking Kingdom 100 Selection 2020", a culinary magazine for professionals. We have also been selected for the "Japan Package Design Award 2021", which recognizes excellent package design.

Starting with TV TOKYO's economic program "WBS World Business Satellite", it was broadcast on national television from the local Kumamoto media.

It was featured in many other programs.

By using transparent soy sauce as a base,

The transparent soy sauce series was born.

Products that take advantage of the "not black" characteristic of transparent soy sauce have been created one after another. Based on the taste of soy sauce, you can also use the ingredients that play a side role as the main ingredients. As for PB products, requests and consultations for product development using transparent soy sauce are increasing. Clear soy sauce opens up new possibilities for seasonings.

Transparent soy sauce series






Transparent soy sauce planned as a commemorative product for the 150th anniversary of its founding. The transparent processing is performed using the dark soy sauce of this brewing class as a raw material. As a long-established soy sauce maker, we are particular about making soy sauce from dark soy sauce, rather than finishing it with extracts. At the beginning of the sale, there were many requests from professional chefs, and we also released 1L of transparent soy sauce for business use.










A new seasoning based on transparent soy sauce! "Yuzu dance ponzu made with transparent soy sauce" was developed with the concept. When it comes to ponzu, "black ponzu" is common sense. By using transparent soy sauce, we were able to make ponzu vinegar that values the color of yuzu. As in the naming of Yuzu Mai, it makes the table fun with the peel of Yuzu. We use domestically produced yuzu as well as yuzu.








We made the popular dashi soy sauce based on transparent soy sauce. A rich soy sauce with the flavor of dried bonito and kelp. It is easy to use, and in addition to the umami of soy sauce, it is a seasoning that can be used not only for Japanese food but also for various dishes. If you feel that you are not satisfied with the seasoning of the soup, you can just add a little bit and it will be surprisingly delicious.