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大学芋/Candied Sweet Potatoes


4人前:4 servings


透明醤油/Clear soy sauce

材料 Ingredients

  • さつまいも・・・・・・・・500g

  • サラダ油・・・・・・・・・適量

  • ごま(黒)・・・・・・・・・少々


  • 砂糖・・・・・・・・・50g

  • 透明醤油・・・・・・・大さじ1

  • 水・・・・・・・・・・10ml

  • Sweet potatoes -500g

  • Salad oil -appropriate amount

  • Sesame(black)-a little 


  • Sugar-50g

  • Clear soy sauce-1tbsp 

  • Water-10ml

作り方 Preparation

Step ①



Step ②


Step ③


Step ④


1) Peel and cut sweet potatoes into pieces and quickly.

 and then wipe dry. Microwave at 600W for 2 minutes.

2) Put the sweet potatoes in the oil heated to 170℃ and deep fry until a bamboo skewer comes out clean,

3) Put sugar, clear soy sauce and water in a pan and boil down over medium heat.When the color of the sauce turns slightly yellow and it begins to thicken, add the sweetpotatoes and cook quickly. 

4)Spread ③ quickly on a cookie sheet lined baking pan and sprinkle with sesame seeds while still hot.

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