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Clear Soy Sauce Recipes


Transparent soy sauce was born by using dark soy sauce as a raw material and applying a transparent treatment.It is an epoch-making seasoning that overturns the common sense that soy sauce is black.



The "salty" and "umami" of soy sauce.

It is a new seasoning that can be applied to various dishes.

特別企画「透明すぎるClear food & sweets」レシピ公開中

フンドーダイ東京浅草アンテナショップ「出町久屋」にて、2023年8月に開催された「透明すぎるClear food & SWeets」を実施。透明すぎる楽しいレシピを公開しています。

“Transparent Clear food & Sweets” was held in August 2023 at Fundodai Tokyo Asakusa antenna shop “Demachihisaya”.We publish fun recipes that are too transparent.


Clear Soy Sauce Reipes

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