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メカジキと玉ねぎのレモン蒸し/Steamed Swordfish and Onion with Lemon


2人前:2 servings


透明醤油/Clear soy sauce

材料 Ingredients

  • 透明醤油:大さじ3・メカジキ(切身):2切

  • 玉ねぎ:1個

  • レモン:1/2個

  • ミニトマト:6個

  • かいわれ大根:50g


  • 酒:大さじ3

  • 水:大さじ1

  • にんにく(すりおろし):小さじ1/4

  • ローリエ:2枚

  • Clear soy sauce-3 tbsps

  • Slices of swordfish (fillets)-2slices.

  • Onion-1pcs.

  • Lemon-1/2pcs 

  • Cherry tomatoes-6pcs.

  • kaiware daikon-50g


  • Sake-3 tbsps

  • Water-1tbsp

  • Garlic-1/4 tsps

  • Bay leaf-2leaves

作り方 Preparation

Step ①


Step ②



Step ③





1) Cut the onion into slices of less than 1 cm. Lemon thinly.sliced into rounds, and remove the stems from the mini-tomatoes. Kaiware daikon.

2) Cut off the stem of the radish and cut in half. In a large baking dish, mix together the clear soy sauce, 【A】 and a squeeze of lemon to prevent the seeds from sticking in. Mix together the kaikure daikon, onion, lemon and onion, small tomatoes and swordfish in a well-balanced arrangement.

Cover with plastic wrap.Heat in a microwave oven at 600W for 6-7 minutes.

3)Sprinkle with coarsely ground black pepper to taste,Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with Italian parsley.

 <all in moderation>

Hot salad can be easily prepared in the microwave. TransparentThe aroma of soy sauce and lemon is appetising, and the colour of the ingredients, including the swordfish, is delicious.

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