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透明すぎる冷やし醤油ラーメン/Clear Cold Soy Sauce Ramen




透明すぎる企画/Clear soy sauce

材料 Ingredients

[出汁スープ] 作りやすい分量

  • ...500cc

  • 昆布...1 (5cm)

  • みりん...20cc

  • 透明醤油...15cc

  • 透明醤油でつくただし醤油...10cc

  • ...小さじ 1/2

  • おろしにんにく...小さじ 1/8

[春雨ラーメン]1 人分

  • A出汁スープ...150cc

  • 春雨(乾燥)...20g

  • 白髪ネギ...適量

  • 小ねぎ(小口切り)...適量

  • ホワイトペッパー...適量

  • 白炒りごま...適量

【Dashi soup】 Easy-to-make quantities


●kombu (kelp)- 1 sheet (about 5cm)

●(Mirin (sweet cooking sake)-20cc 

●Clear soy sauce 15cc

●Dashi Clear soy sauce -10cc

●Salt-1/2 tsps

●Grated garlic-1/8tsps

【Harusame Ramen】-1serving

●A dashi soup stock-150cc

●Dried bean-starch vermicelli-20g

●White onion-as needed

●Small green onion (cut into small pieces)-as needed

●White pepper-appropriate amount

●White roasted sesame seeds-appropriate amount

作り方 Preparation

Step ①


Step ②


Step ③


Step ④

器にの春雨を盛り、[出汁スープ]を加えてホワイトペッパーを振る。白髪ネギを飾り、 白炒りごまを散らす。

Step ①.

【the dashi soup】. Heat water and kombu in a pot over medium heat, and remove kombu just before boiling.

Step ②.

Add mirin, clear soy sauce, dashi soy sauce, salt, and grated garlic to Step①) and heat. Once simmering, remove from heat and refrigerate until ready to use.

Step ③.

【Make harusame ramen noodles】. Boil vermicelli in plenty of boiling water, rinse in cold water, and drain in a colander.

Step ④.

Place the vermicelli in a bowl, add the dashi broth and sprinkle white pepper. Garnish with green onions and sprinkle with white roasted sesame seeds.

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