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トマトとクリームチーズ豆腐の和風カプレーゼ/Japanese style Caprese with Tomatoes and Cream Cheese


4人前:4 dervings


透明醤油/Clear soy sauce

材料 Ingredients

  • トマト・・・・・・・・・2個

  • 木綿豆腐・・・・・・・・200g

  • クリームチーズ・・・・・100g

  • 透明醤油・・・・・・・・小さじ1

  • 大葉・・・・・・・ ・・ 6枚


  • オリーブオイル・・・大さじ2

  • 透明醤油・・・・・・大さじ2

  • 黒こしょう・ ・・ ・ お好みで

  • Tomatoes-2pcs

  • Cotton tofu-200g

  • Cream cheese-100g

  • Clear soy sauce-1tsp

  • Shiso leaf- 6 leaves


  • Olive oil - 2 tbsps

  • Clear soy sauce-2tbsps

  • Black pepper - appropriate amount

作り方 Preparation

Step ①


Step ②


Step ③


Step ④


Step ⑤


1) Wrap cotton (momen) tofu in paper and microwave.

Heat tofu in a microwave oven at 500W for 2 minutes, then put a weight on it and drain well.

2) Heat the cream cheese on 500W for 40 seconds.

3)Add ①, ② and soy sauce to a bowl and mix with a hand mixer.

4)Cut tomatoes into 5 equal slices and cut shiso leaves in half.

5)Put the tomatoes, shiso leaves, and ③ on a plate in this order and pour 【A 】mixture over the top.Sprinkle with black pepper to taste.

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